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Photographs of present day Granada, Nicaragua.
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Granada Colonial House Remodeled in Present Day

Colonial home in Granada -  Restored and modernized.

Ometepe Island, Volcan Concepcíon in background

Ometepe Island, Volcan Concepcíon in background, scene of firefight between Contras and Sandinistas.


Looking north, view of Granada on the left, Lake Nicaragua, and across the lake barely seen are the mountains of Boaco Department, the location of Camalapa village and the El Quizaltepe Mountain cave.  Chontales Department is to the south of Boaco.  Just to the south of Granada, on the western shore, are the 350 Granada Isletas.

Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral, located off the main square in Granada, Nicaragua.

Current day Granada

Current day Granada, but not so different.  Carriages in the main square waiting to transport passengers.

Archbishop's offices and quarters

Palacio Episcopal: Archbishop's offices and quarters (red building) on the Central Park, Granada.

One of the 350 Granada Isle

One of the 350 Granada Isletas.  In recent years, a number of homes have been built on the isletas.


Former home of the Granada Writers Group.

Google Earth

Laguna La Calera is the hooked peninsula at the bottom.  Punta Isabel to the north.  Puerto Asese will enter the story later.

Point West Old Contra Airstrip

Point West, long abandoned secret Contra airstrip that is now a national park in Costa Rica.

Photographs of 1980s Nicaragua; People, Planes, Places.
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Contra Soldiers - Smoke Break

Contra Soldiers - Taking a smoke break in the jungle. 


C-123 similar to Oct 86 crash SE Nicaragua

Downtown Matag

Matagalpa town in the highlands, with coffee fields above..


C47 plane used to drop supplies by parachute.

Contra Soldiers

Contra soldiers were both men and women.

Maule M7

Maule M-7, the type of plane flown from Point West in The Comandante's Gift.

Coffee Farm

Finca Esperanza Verde Coffee farm, Matagalpa Department.


MI-25 over mountains similar to northern Nicaragua.

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