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Looking for more books on Nicaragua?

     Publication - General Topics

Bienvenidos a la Vida, Giselle Poveda
To Bury Our Fathers: A Novel of Nicaragua  - fiction paperback
The Comandante's Gift  - fiction paperback
Dark Alliance  - non-fiction paperback
Managua, 1972 - non-fiction hardback (Spanish)
Moon Nicaragua - non-fiction travel guide
Pirates of Lake Nicaragua - Paige R. Penland
Poemas de Amor, Estilo NIcaraguense, Poesia de Johan Ubau (Spanish) 
La Estrella de Nicaragua - online newspaper (Spanish)
The Nicaragua Dispatch - online newspaper
Nicas News - online and printed monthly magazine

    Books Related to the Sandinista-Contra Conflict

Adiós Muchachos, Sergio Ramírez (Spanish Version)
Adiós Muchachos, Sergio Ramírez (English Version)
At the Fall of Somoza, Laurence Pezzulo
Blood of Brothers: Life and War In Nicaragua, Stephen Kinzer
Commandos: The CIA and Nicaragua’s Contra Rebels, Sam Dillon
The Country Under My Skin, Gioconda Belli
Hurricane in Nicaragua:  A Journey in Search of a Revolution, Richard West
The Jaguar Smile:  A Nicaraguan Journey, Salman Rushdie
La Contra Movimiento  NIcaragüense, Bosco Matamoros  Hüeck  (Spanish)
Nicaragua:  Revolution in the Family, Shirley Christian
Nicaragua’s Continuing Revolution: A Chronology for 1977 to 1990, David A. Ridenour and David Almasi
Our Own Backyard:  The United States in Central America, 1977-1992, William M. Leogrande
In The Pirate’s Den:  My Life as a Secret Agent
, Jorge Masetti
Shadow Warrior: The CIA Hero of a Hundred Unknown Battles, Felix I. Rodriquez and John Weisman
Under Fire:  An American Story,  Oliver L. North and William Novak
With the Contras:  A Reporter in the Wilds of Nicaragua, Christopher Dickey

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